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With our innovative technologies, clear focus on the needs of our customers, and dedicated employees, we energize society. Let’s make tomorrow different today!

Technologically Superior Micro-Inverters

Based on the understanding of the developments in the solar industry, the Solgen R&D team developed the Micro-Inverter – Moon Series. It can be connected to individual photovoltaic panels and converts the DC power to grid-compliant AC power.

The Moon Series has got a simple design with a plug and play operation. The inverter has got no single point of failure within its design. It has a system availability of 100%.

These inverters are IP67 rated and hence safe for outdoor applications.

State of the Art Grid Tie Inverters

On-grid solar power systems are becoming more popular; being used in homes and commercial establishments, owing to their various advantages. The major component is the Grid-Tie solar inverter, also known as the ‘On-grid Inverter’ which works in connection with the main grid and offers the benefit of powering your load directly from solar power and feeding the excess power to the grid.

Solgen iMars produces technologically superior, on-grid inverters which are highly efficient, reliable and stable. These are smart inverters equipped with the latest power electronic technology and comes with added features, such as the Online Monitoring System.

Solar Inverter in Kerala

Long Lasting Aluminium Structure

The Solgen R&D has come up with the specially designed, customized Aluminium based mounting structures based on the understanding of the life of solar mounting structures. The SE Pitched Roof Racking System has been designed with great flexibility for both commercial and residential roof-top solar systems. It is suitable for installing framed and frameless modules that are flush with the pitched roof.

The SE series products have the innovative design of SD Rail and the D-Module which makes the installations easier and quicker. The pre-assembled parts and customized solutions save installation time and money.

Solgen Energy has an excellent engineering team and a quality management system to provide the perfect service.

Floating Solar Power Plant

The Solgen R&D team has come up with floats which can be used to set solar power plants over water bodies, based on their wide understanding of the life of solar mounting structures. Each float can accommodate two panels each. Also, the complete float structure comes with walkways for easy access. The Float Series can be easily installed at the site of operation.

Solar Inverters & Floating Solar Power Plant in Thrissur, Kerala,India