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About Us
A World Wide Distributor Of Solar Supplies
We Are Ready For Solar Energy, All We Need Is To Use It Well!
Solgen Energy Private Limited is jointly promoted by Elite Foods Group and Hykon Group with a goal of manufacturing, installation and distribution of Solar Power Generation and Lighting Products. The new office and assembly unit of Solgen Energy Pvt Ltd, Kuttanallur.

Shri T.R. Raghulal and Shri. Christo George are the promoters of the Company with a vision to Switch the Nation to Super Power through Sun Power.

The Company is mainly manufacturing two types of Solar Power Plants – Off Grid Solar Power Plants and Grid Connected Solar Power Plant. In Off Grid for domestic series it is from 1 KVA to 5 KVA and for Commercial it is from 5 KW to 100 KW. These are suitable for Homes, Remote Hamlets, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Govt Offices, Community Centers and Commercial Establishments. The Grid connected Solar Plants, the solar power (DC) produced by solar panels are directly connected to Grid (Electric Line (AC) by the inverter.

Solar LED Street Lights and Water Pumping System are also produced and installed in different models with lesser investment.

Solar energy is a sustainable and renewable source of energy, which is a natural source of power and never run out of it. Creation of solar energy requires very little maintenance. It is most economical and plenty. There is absolutely no noise made from photovoltaic panels as they convert into usable electricity. Solar electricity power plants produce zero emissions during operations.


As an organization, we are committed to protecting the environment. We believe that by sourcing our energy requirements from renewable sources, we can help make this planet a better place for future generations.


We’re committed to providing cutting-edge technology and delivering unmatched customer service. This means that we are working diligently with our partners and researchers to make sure that only the best is delivered to you. We strive to deliver the highest quality, most reliable solar products.

At 100% satisfaction, we are proud that our customers use our products for their most valued needs.



T.R. Raghulal

A dynamic entrepreneur, with foresight & a sharp business acumen, Mr. T.R. Raghulal is the Managing Director of Elite Group.
Elite group is one of the largest and innovative food product companies in India with annual turnover of Rs. 1000 plus crores and manufacturing units at 17 locations.


Christo George

A committed and dedicated technocrat, Mr. Christo George is the Chairman and Managing Director of Hykon Group.
Hykon Group is 9’ largest power electronic company in India with annual turnover of Rs. 105 crores with 5 diversified units.